AUTO stands for Autopilot.
He´s the Axioms autopilot and acts as the captains advisor. The autopilot is able to run the ship on his own and often does as he is responsible for the bridge on nighttime.Auto is the main antagonist of the film.


AUTOs appearance is similiar to a steering wheel and suprisingly performs the same action, as the Axiom can be steered using AUTOs wheel. AUTO is locked on a versatile grid,
on which he navigates axiom superior. AUTO moves between Axiom superiors floors through holes between the captains cabin and the bridge. AUTO has a eyepiece located on the centre of his body,
which bears a striking resemblance to HAL 9000 (2001: A space odyssey). AUTOS wheels handles perform multiple tasks as they have motorized joints, which allows them to act as fingers. One of the handles has a integrated taser.


The global C.E.O. of BnL sends a message to Axiom, declaring that earth is too toxic for life and Axiom must initiate directive A113. Several hundred years in the future, AUTO follows this directive and starts a mutiny when the captain tries to return to earth.

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