The bridge is a location on the Axiom. It is the control center of the Axiom and acts as the captains office. It is located in the Axiom Superior.


Almost all functions of the ship can be controlled from the bridge. Its circular wall is throughoutly lined with control consoles. The first duty of the captain's day is to review the status report, filed by the Axiom's computer. Controlling the artificial daily cycle and making announcements are both the captains duties when he is on shift.

Status report

The status report includes the following: Mechanical systems, reactor core temperature, passenger count, regenerative food buffet, jacuzzi Ph balance, atmospheric conditions and laundry service volume.

Daily cycle controls

The daily cycle is controlled with a clock-like control. The daytime is enabled at 6 A.M. and disabled at 6 P.M. The sun and the moon are projected on the roof of the Axioms central hall, to emulate earths sky.

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