Buy N Large

Buy N large or BnL is a megacorporation, which dominated most of Earth's economy and governments before Earth's toxification. The Global CEO of Buy n Large is Shelby Forthright.


BnL started out as a Yogurt company called "Buy Yogurt". then the small yogurt company acquired Large industries, which is a clothing company. they became known as Buy n Large, which was their current name.

Earth's Demise

After the earth was polluted and trashed by consumerism, BnL plotted a plan to save earth; relocate humankind to huge starliners and clean the earth with machines, small compactor robots called WALL-Es and huge mobile incinerators. Earth was later declared unsuitable for life and the incinerators and all but one of the WALL-E robots were shut down.


Buy N Large launched a fleet of starliners to transport humans away from earth during it's cleaning. After the Earth became unsuitable for life, the starliners becamse mankind's only home.

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