Operation Cleanup

Operation Cleanup was a operation plotted and executed by the Buy n Large corporation, for the purpose of cleaning earth of pollution.


In the late 21st and the early 22nd centries, earth was suffering immense pollution from waste and toxification caused by extreme consumerism. In the early 22nd century, Buy n Large noticed the downside to their succesful economic domination, as earth was slowly dying.

They plotted a plan to clean earth; deploy mass robot labor to compact and centralize the trash that then would be incinerated away by colossal city block-wide sized mobile incinerators on earth and relocate humans on huge starliners for five years. However, this plan proved to be far too optimistic, as earth was declared too toxic for life and humankind had to stay in space. All the WALL-E and incinerator units were deactivated, except one WALL-E remained active.

New life

For unknown reasons, earth was able to support life once again in the 29th century, 700 years after humankind left. A likely reason for this was that there was moist and fertile soil under the layers of trash, with seeds in it. Photosynthesis helped the plants grow.

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