Stewards are mechanical police on the Axiom.They have red lasers in their shoulders.In the game, they can electricute the player, walle.There are many of them in the ship.They are seen guarding Go-4,gopher which the captain calls him is delivering the eve probe,extraterrestial vegetation evaluvator.They are dangerous when chasing rogue robots,walle and eve.They are dangerous after Go-4 because Go-4 can shoot destroying lasers which is more dangerous than the stewarts.They are quite stupid and no brains because in the movie,when walle knock out john and the stewarts arrived to helped JOHN but they are too tall 2 see him.They are not intellingent than human police forces. THEY are quite dangerous too.There are abut 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000 stewards in the ship.They look like humanoid police officers.They will always say halt! But they will not shoot until if the robot runs away or flees away.

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