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WALL-E Forum was an Internet forum devoted to the discussion and analysis of Disney/Pixar's computer animated film, WALL•E. With over 700 members and 120,000 posts, WALL-E Forum used to be the largest Internet forum dedicated to WALL•E. The forum went down in February 2014, its future is unknown.


Beginnings at ProBoards

WALL-E Forum was founded on July 14, 2008 by MidgardDragon using ProBoards, a remote internet forum provider. The old forum consisted of eight categories, each containing discussion related to specific subjects such as general forum information, analysis and debate about all aspects of WALL•E, off topic conversations and discussions on entertainment news. The forum quickly grew to encompass 122 members and 14,255 posts before being shut down on September 13, 2008. Staff members included vanessajoyce, co-administrator alongside MidgardDragon and Bartle, LuckyDawg and Swan, all global moderators. Many prominent members currently active at the present-day forums initially registered at the ProBoards site. Other members such as bkim, now known as Barnaby Tucker and smkndofpnutdssrt, now known as Irene Molloy, would eventually become moderators at the new site.

New Domain

Due to increasing membership at the forums and rising interest in WALL•E, MidgardDragon migrated the site to a new domain of its own on September 11, 2008. MidgardDragon changed his username to WALL-E Dragon and became the owner of the new forums, with vanessajoyce, now known as Dolly Levi continuing her duties as co-administrator. Most members from the ProBoards site quickly registered at the new domain and the old forums were no longer needed, resulting in their discontinuation. The new WALL-E Forum now included custom EVE emoticons designed by several forum members, additional sub-boards with a more organized layout and intermittent awards dedicated to members of the forum and fan works of WALL•E.

Recent Developments

WALL-E Forum has continued to grow and evolve throughout the months, hosting numerous events such as The WALL-E Awards, Member Awards and several competitions devoted to fan works, with a new banner contest currently under way. The staff has also experienced some significant changes. Barnaby Tucker was appointed as a new moderator on October 3, 2008 while all the original moderators stepped down in late 2008. This led to designating Irene Molloy and Minnie Fay, a member who had registered at the new forums under the username DefineDancing, as moderators on November 28, 2008. Trix, a member who had registered less than two months prior, assumed the responsibility of moderator on January 5, 2009.

Besides hosting a number of awards and contests, WALL-E Forum has undertaken several additional projects, most notably The Scrapbook, headed by Irene Molloy. The project comprised of sending a massive collage of WALL•E fan fiction, art, videos and photo montages to Pixar Animation Studios as a thank you to the staff for producing WALL•E. The Scrapbook was mailed out on January 5, 2009 and arrived at Pixar on January 8, 2009. No response has been sent by Pixar to date. A second project, The WALL-E Forum Fan Commentary, was undertaken during November and December of 2008. The commentary, led by keanno, was designed to allow fans to express their own opinions and analysis of WALL•E while watching the entire film, much like a director's commentary. The project produced several test sessions with members of the forum and one full-length fan commentary. Additional commentaries were planned but never came to fruition.

Future Plans

Through the years the forum's activity drastically decreased, which led WALL-E Dragon to decision to take the forum down. However, Dementor has saved full backup of the forum's engine files and SQL database so theoretically it can be brought back online, but at the moment he sees no reason to do this.

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