WALL-E's Truck

Wall-e's truck is where Wall-e lives and stores his knick knacks. Origanally it was made by the Buy N Large corperation for Operation clean up to store all of the Wall-e bots. When the Wall-e bots shut down and one was left, Wall-e started his ever-growing collection of "knick Knacks".
When Wall-e was the only one left he got bored, so he decorated the truck with christmas lights and a TV hooked up to an iPod, hooked up to a Betamax player, which he plays his favorite movie, Hello Dolly!
The lights seem to be hooked up to lots of large batteries fueled by what look like solar panels on the truck's roof. He stores his stuff on shelves that rotate. Wall-e left one shelf for him to sleep in. Hal, Wall-e's cockroach, sleeps in a sponge cake that is suprisingly fresh. On the roof is where Wall-e recharges each morning.
in the Movie
When Eve first comes to Wall-e's truck she is amazed by all his stuff. Eve shuts down when wall-e shows her the plant. At the end of the movie, Eve shoots the roof to recharge Wall-e. In the Credits it shows that the broken bridge the truck is on was near a bay.
in the game
In the 1st Eve mission on the Wii it shows that there are multiple trucks. everywhere.

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